About Me

faridahandcyglenda Medium Web view     Hi, I’m Cyglenda Miller and this is my blog, Rustic Living 101.  Let me give you a little background info about me –   My dream as a young girl growing up in Western Maryland was to own a farm and to live a simple, satisfying life. My dream became a reality when I turned 25 years old.   My husband and I bought a small farm in the Potomac Highlands of Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia.  Here we have raised three children – two daughters and a son.  In what seems like a blink of an eye, my kids are now adults.  My oldest daughter is the mother of two daughters,  Emily and Alison.  They are definitely the apples of my eye!  Emily, Alison and I share the love of doing so many things together on the farm.  From cooking, crafts, gardening, genealogy and preserving our home grown goodness, we are always busy.  It is here on Rustic Living 101 that we share with you our adventures of our fun filled, simple life.


emilyandalison1 Medium Web view

The apples of my eye!


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